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wrestling diet

Posted Thursday, December 01, 2011 by Jason Flynn

Wrestling diet:


  1. Eat a diet high in protein, protein will make you feel full longer
  2. Fruit is also important
  3. cut out condiments, butter, salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, mayo etc.
  4. Drink water and plenty of it
  5. Avoid fatty or pre-packaged meals and cheese
  6. Avoid sugar
  7. Eat slow
  8. Supplement with a Flintstone vitamin or other daily vitamin



This is a sample:




Egg whites (hard boiled not fried)

Low fat Yogurt

Fruit (such as melon/orange/apple/banana)

Skim milk instead of 1 or 2 %

Whole break with peanut butter

Instant breakfast shakes (slim fast for an example)




Water packed tuna

Water packed chicken salad

Whole grain bread


Beans (green and baked)

Turkey/chicken (non processed)

Salad no dressing

Potato (baked and mashed)




Lean ground beef (very minimal use)

Egg whites

Skinless boneless chicken breast (remove excessive fat)

Ground turkey or chicken

Potato (baked and mashed)

Salad no dressing (could add chicken not fried and skinless)

Whole grain pasta (minimal sauce, no white sauce)



Beans (green and baked)

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